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DCW | Guangdong

Guangdong Province is located on the southern coast of mainland China. With an area of 179,800 square kilometers, it covers approximately 1.87 percent of the Chinese land mass. Of that total, 1,593 square kilometers, or 0.89 per cent of this area, are distributed among a large number of islands. With 759 islands covering an area of 500 square meters or more, the province ranks third in China. In 2021, the population numbered 12,684 million. In 2021, the gross domestic product reached 12.4 trillion Renminbi. With that, Guangdong occupied the top position in China for 33 consecutive years. The GDP grew by more than 5 per cent on average in 2020 and 2021. The city of Shenzhen, which is governed by the provincial government, is located in the southern part of Guangdong. It is considered a major location for China’s high-tech industry, financial services, foreign trade, maritime transportation, and creative industries. Furthermore, it has the largest number of Chinese ports of import and export. According to statistics from the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Shenzhen had already filed 17,400 PCT patents by 2021, leading the nation for 18 consecutive years. Our regional office of Guangdong Province is also located in Shenzhen.

In October 2004, Guangdong Province and Bavaria sealed their friendly relationship. In addition, both sides signed cooperation agreements on tourism, youth housing, social security, vocational training and world trade. 2019 Munich and Shenzhen signed a memorandum of understanding on future cooperation in research and innovation. Both sides not only have a good foundation for cooperation, but also have enormous potential for cooperation in the field of alternative energy, especially in the context of e-mobility.

Weiyue WangWeiyue Wang
Representative, DCW Region Guangdong
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